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Par Breakers Golf Academy is a leader in golf instruction and coaching. Using proven technology through bio-mechanics, swing dynamics and mental game insight along with easy to understand terminology. Lead by Bernard Sheridan it’s founder who has worked with thousands of students of all levels for since 1999 and is certified in the teaching instruction below. Just click on the video above to get a taste of our approach. This site is also the home of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan the only weekly golf instruction podcast on iTunes. Now with feature interviews with the top instructors of the game. Just click on the podcast tab to find out more.

Breaking Par Podcast

Breaking Par is the only weekly golf instruction podcast on iTunes that covers a different part of the game each week. Interviews the games top instructors and gets their valuable input on drills and tips along with training aid recommendations to help you take control of your game! Listen and subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher radio. Just click on the podcast tab at the top of the page.

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Instruction by Bernard Sheridan  Golf Channel Swing Fix – Impact Zone -The Putting Zone and Swing Guru -Flightscope certified Instructor with over fifteen years teaching experience to over 50,000 students.

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